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SuprCuvr offers simple and easy protection!

Simply apply once a month to all accessible surface areas in your home or business to create a long-lasting layer of protection against COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Best places to use SuprCuvr

SuprCuvr is widely used in many different industries to protect both team members and customers.

Here are some of the most common places you can use SuprCuvr to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your business:

  • Your home
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Childcare facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors offices
  • Schools
  • Dormitories
  • Bathrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Office spaces
  • Fitness centres
  • Home & Commercial Kitchens
  • Public transportation
  • Car or rideshare interiors
  • Walls, floors, & door handles
  • Retail spaces