SuprCuvr™ Disinfectant

What is the active ingredient?
What if I get it on my skin?
What is Log 7?
What does “NASAA Certified Organic as a Certified Input” mean?
Does it really kill 99.99999% of COVID-19 Coronavirus?
What exactly is SuprCuvr™?
How does SuprCuvr™ work?
How do I use SuprCuvr™?
Will SuprCuvr™ wash off or rub off?
How often should I use SuprCuvr™?
Are there any test results for SuprCuvr™?
Will SuprCuvr™ discolour my clothes?

Shipping and Returns

What is your return policy?
How will I receive my refund?
What happens if my parcel is lost?
I received a damaged or faulty item. What can I do about it?
Will postage be refunded if my items are damaged or faulty?

My Order

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