SuprCuvr™ 20L
SuprCuvr™ 20L
SuprCuvr™ 20L

SuprCuvr™ 20L

Effective hospital-grade COVID-19 Coronavirus killer

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Cutting-edge powerful organic protection

  • Log 7 Reduction Log 7 Reduction
  • Plant Based Plant Based
  • Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly
  • Biodegradable Biodegradable
  • Cruelty Free Cruelty Free
  • For Sensitive Skin For Sensitive Skin
SuprCuvr™ is made in Australia and shipped worldwide. Vegan and certified by NASAA Certified Organic. Included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
How to use SuprCuvr™
Supporting documents
Log 3 reduction effectively leaves 5,000 viruses
Log 7 reduction effectively leave 0 viruses
Log 7 vs Log 3 sample
Log 7 reduction

SuprCuvr™ is the only disinfectant killing 99.99999% (LOG 7) of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Proven 1000x MORE effective than standard 99.99% disinfectants, against COVID-19

Learn more about Log 7 and how SuprCuvr™ is proven to protect those you love

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